Cinematic WordPress

Celebrating nearly 30 years in business!

Paradime is proud to launch a new class of unique, custom-designed websites. Paradime’s Cinematic WordPress is a premium website  solution to ensure maximum performance, security and engagement. We precision craft your website to ensure it’s optimally designed, attractive and functional on both desktop and mobile.

We offer a truly one-stop, no-compromise solution. We’ll work with you to create compelling and effective content, as copy writing is included as part of our service. After all, our team knows how to craft websites that resonate with your target audience and drives them to engage. We’ll craft persuasive language necessary to convert your visitors into customers and achieve your business objectives. We’ll source images and videos that add that extra pop to your website and help it stand out.

We also specifically tune for both AODA/WCAG accessibility and page content quality using our Premium SEO tools.

Cinematic WordPress with 2 Years of Business Hosting included!

  • Premium Design with Dynamic Home Page
  • Mobile & Accessibility Compliant
  • Up to 15 Second Video Header
  • 10+ Pages with a Blogging/News Section
  • Premium SEO and Analytics
  • Premium Forms
  • Premium Galleries
  • Premium Booking/Appointment Tool
  • Events Calendar
  • E-commerce Ready
  • 2 Years of Business Hosting (from $25/month +HST after)

from $2,500 (+HST)

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Are you an existing Paradime client? We appreciate your loyalty! Give our Ottawa team a call at 613-863-4343. We got a special offer for you.

We’d be happy to provide a detailed project quote that best balances your wants, needs and budget.

It’s important to note that Paradime purchases and fully licenses the best premium and professional WordPress themes and plugins available in the industry from developers in Canada, the USA and Europe.