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Ethos is a word to describe one’s beliefs, ideals or ideology. For Paradime, our ethos is based on the following:

We’re proudly Canadian

We personally embrace our Canadian values, such as equality, diversity, human rights, and multiculturalism. We do not off-shore our development. We only hire people from our communities and utilize tools from G7 (Canada, US, UK, EU, Japan) developers exclusively. It’s no wonder why many of our clients include BIA, DBAs, Chambers of Commerce, and other member-based, community organizations and associations.

We always put our clients first…always.

While it’s easy to provide references from your existing clients, what about those who are leaving you? Surely they would have nothing good to say, right? At Paradime, our reputation and integrity is paramount.

Here’s one example of a client that decided to switch to another firm. We worked with the new firm to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here’s what they wrote us after everything was completed:

“It’s not often I see an email from a current developer that is so helpful in a transition.  This is actually the first time I have seen it and I really want to point out my thoughts to you, that it is obvious to me that you genuinely care about your client(s). I’m sorry this is the circumstance we are meeting under.  It is never a pleasurable experience when a client moves on.  However, I can say with absolute certainty that if you want to chat about business and getting more clients at a later time, I would be very much open to that, just by reading what you have written in your email below I know you to be a caring person.”

We understand that when a client chooses to leave, there are many reasons why. Sometimes, it’s due to financial issues or strategic interest. We don’t question any of that or take it personally.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”
Warren Buffet

We’re reliable.

We’ve been serving our clients for over 25 years…and still going strong! We’re here while many of our peers have come and gone. That’s an enviable track record for any business, regardless of industry.

We’re not resting on our laurels as we continue to go above and beyond. After all, our name is on your website and that’s our primary source of advertising.

When people visit your website and are impressed, they will usually contact us for a quote. If we do a poor job with your website or if you’re not satisfied, we don’t get those referrals.

We use the best tools.

Paradime invests significant capital each year best tools in the industry and maintaining software licenses.

A common approach of many of our peers is to stack a number of free tools to get the functionality of a single, paid tool. However, too many plugins can significantly slow the performance of your website and cause conflicts that could eventually break your site. Often, these conflicts are realized down the road as plugins are updated.

Our approach ensures your websites is highly efficient and optimized for performance, stability and security.

All our tools are fully paid for and licensed.

Unfortunately, many of our peers use what’s referred to as “nulled” software from questionable sources and not buying directly from the developers. This is extremely is problematic since they can be compromised and, in turn, compromise your website. They might not receive critical security or feature updates. It’s also important to use licensed software to ensure the financial viability of the developers.

Companies that use nulled products should be avoided. Please ensure the vendors you choose to work with are using fully-licensed software.

Be in control of your domain.

We’ve heard too many heart-breaking stories where businesses have lost control of their domain because relationships turned sour or the business owner was never listed as the domain Owner. If your existing vendor can’t do this, you need to switch to a new vendor that will give you control.

Always have control of your website domain(s). This is an absolute must. Demand it from the firms you choose to work with. Never compromise in this area. Your domain controls both your website and your emails accounts.

At Paradime, we only list ourselves as the Technical contact. We also provide a portal with the domain registrar so our clients can easily access and change the domain settings themselves. While this isn’t the least-expensive service, it’s all about peace of mind.

Take your business to new heights with the expertise Paradime provides.

Let’s make your marketing endeavours a masterpiece. Experience the thrill as our team sets the stage for your business, leaving your clients spellbound and eager to embark on the captivating journey you have in store for them.

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