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Need a business card or brochure site? How about a highly-targeted Microsite? A well-designed landing page is more than enough for many small businesses, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, etc.

We’re proud to introduce a high-impact, low-cost rapid design solution called Paradime Splash. Best of all, we don’t compromise on features, performance and, least of all, design.

Just provide your style and design preferences and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. This including copywriting and sourcing the perfect pictures. We’ll  assemble it all into an awesome landing page, usually within the same business day.

Paradime Splash becomes the perfect central hub for your online presence. Your site will have all the essential information about you and your business…all on one page! Visitors can then be directed to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok channels. This approach is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your website and domain stays at the top of searches.

Rick Gordon

This Paradime Splash website for radio industry legend Rick Gordon is perfect as the content doesn’t change year to year

Paradime Splash

  • Premium Design
  • Mobile & Accessibility Compliant
  • Up to 30 Second Video Header
  • 1 to 3 Pages with a Blogging/News Section
  • Advanced SEO
  • 2 Years of Splash Hosting ($120/year after)

from $1,000 (+HST)

Miami Spice The Movie
The Junxion

Just to get a bit technical, we host on Amazon EC2 with Amazon S3 for storage and use Bunny CDN for our Content Delivery Network (CDN). This ensures the best speeds from literally all over the world.

Don’t get trapped into costly fees with Wix, Square Space, Weebly, etc. If you ever decide to leave them, you’ll lose everything. Fortunately, there’s no lock-in with Paradime Splash.

Take your business to new heights with the expertise Paradime provides.

Let’s make your marketing endeavours a masterpiece. Experience the thrill as our team sets the stage for your business, leaving your clients spellbound and eager to embark on the captivating journey you have in store for them.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? We’re happy to help!

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