Learning Systems (LMS)

“Knowledge will change the world.”

We’re providing a sneak peek into the Paradime LMS (Learning Management System). It’s the perfect, cost-effective e-learning platform that can help generate passive income or use internally to train employees or clients.

Paradime LMS enables you to:

  • Create online training courses
  • Protect content and videos
  • Monetize training resources
  • Manage both instructors and students
  • Manage membership permissions
  • Track performance
  • Gradebook functionality
  • Issue certificates and awards
  • Paradime’s “Click To Listen” feature
  • …and many more features!

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

— Steve Jobs

We can easily integrate Paradime LMS into your existing WordPress website. Payments can be processed through your PayPal or Stripe account or whatever payment method is being used on your WordPress site. This helps maximize your profits by minimizing your costs.

Take your business to new heights with the expertise Paradime provides. . Call today to start growing your business.

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