WordPress Care

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If your website is not hosted by Paradime, that’s ok. We have a number of clients that are using GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, and many other providers. They might offer a number of great services but what they don’t provide is the day-to-day support, maintenance and updates required to keep your site secure and running smooth.

After all, your vehicle requires regular maintenance; even something as simple as an oil change. Your computer, smartphones and apps receive updates. If you don’t change the oil in your vehicle, the engine will eventually fail. If you don’t update your computer or smartphone, it could get hacked.

Your WordPress site, theme and plugins are no different. Updates need to be applied, when available. However, there are many people who feel uncomfortable performing these updates. In rare instances, an update could break your website, especially if you’ve waited too long to apply them.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone you can call when your website experiences technical issues? Now you can with Paradime!

Paradime provides WordPress update, backup and maintenance services. We’ll ensure that all backups are completed before updates are performed. If an update breaks your website, we’ll fix it at no extra cost and get your site up and running again quickly.

This e-commerce website has 16 plugin updates that are significantly out of date.

This e-commerce website has 16 plugin updates that are significantly out of date. They pose a critical security risk, assuming it isn’t compromised already.

Client information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. may have already been accessed and could be used in phishing attacks.

This is why Paradime’s WordPress Care is an essential service regardless of who you host with.

Paradime can service websites that require long-standing updates or are in a broken state, starting at only $250 +HST.

With Paradime, you’ll never worry about expiring licenses or compromised plugins.

Is your website fully licensed?

One of the most overlooked aspects with a WordPress website are the licensing fees required for Pro and Premium themes and plugins.

Unfortunately, there are also many unscrupulous designers and freelancers that use “unlicensed” tools that can compromise the security of your website.

These licensing fees are typically billed yearly. However, many designers, freelancers and agencies only pay for the first year to quote you at a lower rate. You might not even realize this until the renewal a year later and the licenses have expired. Renewals can cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year.

Paradime purchases and maintains licenses for dozens of the top WordPress themes and plugins. We’ll extend our license to you as part of our Premium service agreement.

  • Monthly website backups
  • WordPress System updates upon availability
  • WordPress Theme updates upon availability
  • WordPress Plugin updates upon availability
  • Malware/Virus scanning & removal
  • Email-based support, response within 3 days

$300/year +HST