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Paradime has launched our Spoken Word Audio solution, which we call Click To Listen. It can be added as an optional component to your website. Spoken Word Audio is so important because studies have shown that people prefer to listen to information while doing other tasks. Many news organization are switching to this format to help increase both their audience and engagement.

As demonstrated below, Click To Listen provides a bar on each web page where the text content is read out using a high-quality, AI-generated voice.

Click To Listen:

The audio player’s appearance can be styled to match your website branding. We have hundreds of quality voices to choose from with unique accents, such as American vs. Canadian accents, UK and Australian, and in 60 languages. In fact, we can use a number of difference voices across each page. This is feature is especially useful for longer pages or blog posts, articles and especially for multi-lingual sites.

Click To Listen is quoted on a per page basis.

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